KCAC – Kansas City’s Furnace Experts

We offer furnace & heating repair throughout the Kansas City, MO and Kansas City, KS metro areas. We service and repair all heating & furnace brands and our trucks are fully stocked with all major parts so we can put you back in your comfort zone as quickly as possible.

You want your home to remain warm and comfortable in the winter without breaking the bank in energy costs. So when the time comes to replace a furnace in an existing central heating system, or to install a totally new system, you want equipment that minimizes costs and delivers dependable comfort for your family – season after season.

KCAC is committed to providing top-quality heating service and repair while maintaining a respectful attitude toward you and your home. Our world-class technicians know how to treat you with respect and courtesy, and we are always available to ensure that you receive help when you need it by offering 24/7 emergency service.

24-hour Emergency service is our specialty!

Exceptional energy efficiency, comfort and quiet with two-stage, variable-speed technology.


Traps and Filters – Reduces major pollutants, such as dust and pollen, from the air passing through your heating and cooling systems.


Ultra-high efficiency. The quietest, most efficient cooling heat pump you can buy.



If you live in the greater Kansas City, MO metropolitan area and your furnace is in need of repair, service or replacement, contact us. We offer quality and affordable service like no other heating and furnace repair company in the Kansas City area.

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